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Virtual Private Server

Cheap VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server

We Provide Cheap VPS Hosting With The Latest Technology

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual server which is used for website hosting, tunneling, proxy server, mail server, online radio, backup server, web development, or other purposes. Virtual Private Server’s function is not only for hosting, but also can be used for a variety of other functions. But mostly they are used for Website Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting can serve high traffic visitor. You should start to switch to cheap VPS hosting if shared hosting can no longer accommodate your visitors. Cheap VPS Hosting has flexibility over the resources such as CPU and RAM. Thus, with our VPS Hosting, your website speed will become faster.

Our cheap VPS hosting can be used for various purposes such as high-traffic website, online-radio, mail servers, backup servers, etc. If you buy our cheap VPS hosting, you will get full root access. You can freely modify or install software on our cheap VPS Hosting.

Virtual Private Server

Cloud VPS
  • Cloud VPS is one of our services. Our Cloud VPS is available in 7 different locations worldwide (New York, London, Toronto, Frankfurt, San Fransisco, Amstredam, and Singapore). Our Cloud VPS has KVM-Cloud virtualization and dedicated resource.
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  • OpenVZ VPS Singapore is a conventional VPS server that haven't use Cloud technology. OpenVZ VPS has physical server. Like another VPS Server, OpenVZ VPS has shared resource.
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